Peter Evans interviews Steve Perryman

Steve Perryman on Paul Tisdale

This afternoon Paul Tisdale will take charge of the Grecians at St James Park in a league game for
the 101st time, an apt time for us to discover out more about the ninth longest serving boss in English football.

And who better to give us that insight than Steve Perryman, who has held the role of Director Of Football at St James' Park for every minute of that ton. They say you should always speak about
what you know so we asked Steve just what has made the Malta-born 37-year-old such a success
at St James Park.

Trust Me
"People are always asking me about Paul and there's no doubt he has plenty of the key attributes needed to be successful as manager.

One of those vital attributes is his communication, Tis is a very clear communicator in the way he puts across his idea whether that's to the players, media, supporters or the board at the Football

I think Tis has also built up trust with everyone here and it gets stronger year by year. Take the players for example and the way they trusted Paul when he switched to 4-5-1 at Huddersfield. Sometimes they may wonder why its happening, but they end up clicking into it because of the trust. And yet they know they can always check it with him after and he'd definitely have an explanation.

I think there is also trust between him and the supporters. They trust when he makes the substitutions, it might be taking of a player who hasn't been performing badly so we can change system, but they know that.

To have the communication and trust, you have to have some knowledge. If you communicate
rubbish you aren't going to get any of that trust as it's your knowledge which is then communicated
to build up trust".

No Time Waster
"Sometimes when you describe someone as ‘clever' in football you mean tricky. I don't mean he is tricky, he is clever as in educated and a great time-manager who is very efficient with what he has around him.

He asked me how we differ when it comes to player meetings and I said, ‘Well if I wanted to meet
with a player I'd tap him on the shoulder after training, sit on the grass and talk'. Tis will read the notes from the last meeting, it will take place much later on and there will be more thought and
after-thought. He spends a lot of time doing his job but there is not a lot of wasted time. This tells
you how much effort he puts in".


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